सकट चौथ व्रत की विधि एवं कथा विस्तार से (हिंदी में) ⇒

Sakath Chauth Puja Katha in English

This Vrat Celebrates on fourth day of wanning moon in Maagh month. It Falls on 24th January 2019 (Thursday) in this Year.

Importance of Sakath Chauth Fast

Women keep this fast for the success and longevity of their children. Children get Riddhi siddhi with effect of this fast and God Ganesh removes all the obstacles from their life. Women keep fast without water. They take water after worship of God Ganesh and offer water to moon in the evening.

Sakat Chauth Puja Method

People keep Sakath vrat on fourth day of wanning moon in Maagh month. We do worship of Sankat Haran Ganapati on this day. People do worship of wisdom and mind giver Ganesh and Moon. We do worship of Bhalchandra Ganesh on Sakath Chauth. Wakeup early in the morning do daily routine, take bath and do worship of God Ganesh with Shodashopachar Pujan Vidhi or as per your family tradition.
Do Prayer of Shree Ganesh with following Mantra.
Gajaananam Bhoot Ganaadi Sevitam, Kapitth Jambu Phal Chaaru Bhakshanam |
Umaasutam Shok Vinaashkaarkam, Namaami Vighneswar Paad Pankajam||

After that do meditation towards Ganesh and offer flowers. Keep Chanting of shree ganesh name full day. Take bath after sunset and wear clean cloth now do the worship of shree ganesh as per your family tradition. Kept a Kalash filled with water. Offer Dhoop Deep to Shree Ganesh. Offer Laddu made up with Molasses and Til, Sugar cane, sweet potato, guava, Molasses and Ghee. All these Naivedya/Sweets kept as it is for whole night by covering with Wooden Basket. Women, who have son, keep this fast for happiness and prosperity. Next day those covered Naivedya/Sweets opened by Son and distributed to siblings. It is believed that distribution of this Naivedya(Sweets) among siblings increases bonding among them. People of Different states made laddu with til and molasses in different manner. Roast til gently in a frying pan without ghee or oil.Keep the roasted til in other plate. Make molasses syrup in other frying pan.Keep frying pan on gas and put molasses in it. After sometimes it started to converted into liquid form. Continuously mix it by spoon/Kalacchi.Take water in a glass and drop one or two drops from the syrup if it swim in glass it means your syrup is ready.Now mix roasted til in syrup of molasses to make laddu of til. Some people made hill of tilkut and some other made goat of tilkut. After worship of Shree Ganesh, Children cut the neck of Goat madeup with tilkut. After completion of Ganesh Pooja offer water to moon through kalash. Offer Dhoop deep. Do the prayer to moon to keep your family happy and prosperous. After that hear or listen story of sakath chauth. Distribute prasad to all present member.